Laundrapp – The Easy Way to Get Your Laundry Done

Laundrapp LogoWhen you get all giddy and excited about trying out something new, say a product or a service, there’s nothing worse than having a bad first experience. Especially from a point of customer retention. You’d need to be pretty extraordinary to get a customer to buy again if you’ve failed to meet their expectations during the first contact. Well, to be honest, my first experience with Laundrapp, a door-to-door laundry service, didn’t go as planned, but somehow they managed to convince me to give them a second chance.

After finding my Twitter timeline scattered with advertisements from Laundrapp, I was excited to try them out. Because, you know, laundry. Bleh! Plus I hate picking up the dry cleaning! Carrying a two piece suit and a couple of shirts by those horrible metal hangers even for two minutes is enough to make my fingers bleed.

Laundrapp screenshotWith the expectation that my laundry would be picked up from home (at a time of my choosing), professionally washed or dry cleaned, ironed and delivered at home (again at a time of my choosing), I downloaded Laundrapp on my iPhone.

With a few easy taps of the screen I was able to create my profile, enter my payment details and add a few items into my (laundry) basket. I then selected a time I knew I would be home for the pick up, which for me was a Sunday afternoon. I confirmed the order. So far so good, I thought.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and the time of the agreed pick up, which came and went without as much as a peep out of anyone at Laundrapp. Very disappointing. A couple of hours passed and this review came “this close” to never seeing the light of day.

I opened the app again and found the contact us section. I fired off a scathing complaint – which was, by the way, really easy to do via the app – about not being contacted to tell me that the driver was running late or to reschedule. Remember, this was now an early Sunday evening, and I definitely didn’t expect to hear back from anyone until sometime on Monday. To my surprise, an hour or so later I received a message with profuse apologies and a request to schedule the pick up and delivery again (without having to go through the whole order process again). A few days later, I finally decided to give them a second chance and rescheduled.

This time, I actually received reminders via the app about my upcoming pick up. Okay, so this is the way it’s supposed to work! About 15 minutes before the driver actually showed up, I received another text advising me of a more precise ten minute slot when the driver would come knocking. And he did!

As for the delivery of the processed garments, expect the same as above – in-app reminders and SMS closer to the actual delivery. Now, I’m not an expert on the quality of dry cleaning services, but I can safely say that the tuxedo and the two shirts I had cleaned came out very well.

What I like about the app/service:
1) no need to carry my laundry to and from the dry-cleaners
2) the app is very easy to use and you’re incentivised to get more people to use the service – speaking of which, here’s £10 for you, just enter the code FINNABROAD
3) the customer service
4) pricing and offers.

What I dislike about the app/service:
1) I hope I was just a one in a million with my no-show driver.
2) When installing Laundrapp, I happened to be listening to some music on my iPhone. When I launched the app, my jam was cut off. Not cool, man!

About Laundrapp
Founded in 2014, Laundrapp is a privately owned start-up, providing an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service. Laundrapp collects, cleans and delivers anywhere in London, Birmingham or Edinburgh. In March 2015 they secured an additional £4m investment to boost their UK expansion, and this month saw the announcement of the acquisition of their biggest competitor, Washbox. Congratulations and best of luck!