Port de Sóller as seen from Jumeirah Port Soller

Port de Sóller – The Nicer Mallorca

When you think of Mallorca, what’s your first thought? Countless cyclists flocking to the island to experience the hills and thrills? Boozy Brits and promiscuity in Magaluf, a.k.a. Shagaluf? I thought so too. However, a bit further north you will find quite a different scene – a more adult, laid back Port de Sóller. It is also home to Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel and Spa, a recent addition to the UAE-based chain of five-star hotels and resorts. Here’s a rundown of my experience of the hotel and the towns of Sóller and Port de Sóller.

Taberna do Mercado

Taberna do Mercado – A Portuguese Tavern in Spitalfields Market

I received a message from a dear friend the other day, saying that she would like to treat me to a belated birthday dinner. She told me to meet her at Taberna do Mercado at 6.15 pm, and that they wouldn’t accept reservations for dinner. No reservations? Two weeks after its opening?! I hoped it wasn’t going to be another Breakfast Club experience where you queue for an hour and then get told to eat faster so they can serve more people. Considering that Taberna do Mercado is the brain child of Nuno Mendes, of Chiltern Firehouse fame, I was anticipating similar celebrity buzz and wannabe crowds. I could not have been more wrong.

Spanish Bay, Monterey, California

My Love for Photography Runs Deep

I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember. The 15 rolls of film I wasted (I mean shot) on holiday in Tenerife 25 years ago, the countless hours I spent in the school darkroom developing film for art class projects, or the few thousand photos I took at a wedding and spent a solid week editing, there has always been something about photography that captivates me. One reason must be that it allows me to hide behind the lens, to be the quiet observer instead of being the centre of attention which I don’t particularly care for.  I am, essentially, a quiet, socially awkward person.

Wow – this is getting deep and slightly off topic… Let’s get back to photography, shall we?

Prosciutto ham, feta cheese and olive salad

Prosciutto ham, Feta and Olive Salad

Sorry about all these food pictures flooding in. I do have proper posts coming soon but it’s hard to find the time to finalise them.

After another gym session I had a craving for prosciutto ham so I quickly put this together: feta cheese, prosciutto ham and marinated green olives with rocket salad and sweet baby plum tomatoes. So good!

Prosciutto ham, feta cheese and olive salad

Prosciutto ham, feta cheese and olive salad

Pride in London

Pride in London 2015

The wait is almost over. With just under two months to go until the annual Pride festivities take over the streets of central London, it’s time to get organised and save these dates!

Pride in London is the city’s biggest one-day event, and one of the world’s biggest LGBT celebrations. In 2014 more than 750,000 people came to Pride in London, and 30,000 people joined the Parade. This year Pride in London takes place from 21st until 28th June, with the main events taking place on Saturday 27th June. Here’s what’s happening:

The Savoy Grill interior

Lunch at The Savoy Grill

My partner and I recently had the opportunity to have lunch at the prestigious Savoy Grill Restaurant. Located at the Savoy Hotel, and currently run by the Gordon Ramsay organisation, Savoy Grill is one of London’s most legendary restaurants. Established in the 1920’s and frequented by such celebrities as Sir Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, Frank Sinatra and HM Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother), I had high expectations for both the service and the food. Sadly, I was to be disappointed.

Sunset at Boracay, Philippines

Early preparations

After 11 years, almost to the day, I am going back to the Philippines this November. Everyone knows it. I’ve been talking about it since I booked the flights a couple of months ago.

My previous trip was back in 2004. It was my first trip to Asia, and outside of Europe. I spent about half of the two-week holiday in Manila and the other half on the white beaches of Boracay.  Guess which one I preferred.