American Flag in San Francisco

USA Travel Tip: 17-mile Drive

As it’s the 4th of July this Saturday and the Americans will be celebrating their Independence Day, I thought I’d give you a top notch travel tip in the U.S. of A.

If you’re in California and have a day to spare, instead of hitting the outlets like there’s no tomorrow (been there, done that, have the credit card bill to prove it), I urge you to get yourself a car and drive to Monterey. A gorgeous piece of the American landscape is waiting to be explored.

Ham Yard Restaurant

Dinner at Ham Yard Bar & Restaurant

Last night a small group of friends gathered around a table at the Ham Yard Bar & Restaurant. We were seated in a quiet corner of the room, which was great as the venue was otherwise very lively. We could actually catch up as we hadn’t seen each other in ages.

As already noted during my previous visit, Ham Yard offer incredible value for money. Everything we were served was amazing, fresh and beautifully presented. Three courses for two amounted to just over £60 (excluding the wine and service charge).

Read on to see the delicious photos…

Ham Yard Theatre

An Improved Cinema Experience?

Are you tired of the Cineworld multiplex experience with the long queues at the concession stand, the stinky nachos and over-priced popcorn? Well, there’s an alternative. The Firmdale Film Club. For a mere £15 per person you can enjoy a latest blockbuster or a cult classic in a much more civilised setting at one of the fabulous Firmdale Hotels in London. Here’s what you can expect:

Pont des Arts, Paris

Paris – Lovers, not locks, welcome

As a frequent visitor to Paris, I’m sad to read of the city officials’ decision to remove the hundreds of thousands of ‘love locks’ from Pont des Arts bridge. “It’s the end of padlocks” says mayor Bruno Julliard. Apparently the added weight of the countless locks poses a risk to the structure and people on boats sailing by underneath the famous bridge.

Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, France.

Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, France. Photo by me.

An end of an era for couples who continue to flock the city of love, looking to secure (pardon the pun) never-ending love by putting a lock on the bridge and throwing the key into the river Seine.